Beginning as an acoustic duo, featuring Kulas along with vocalist Shanee Laurent, Bowery spent their formative year cutting their teeth at open mics and coffee shops before enlisting producer/multi instrumentalist Joel Ferguson to helm sessions for their debut album “Our Love Is A Ghost”. Drummer Scott Stefanski was brought in and the duo’s acoustic set was stretched and transformed into full band productions. Over the following months, accolades poured in, and a new live band including Scott Hickok, Tyler Steimle, and Todd VanTongeren took to the stage.

1. The Reason – 4:22
2. Beleeza – 3:56
3. Bah-na-na – 4:14
4. I Don’t Ever Wonder Why – 4:15
5. Sound Of A Concussion – 2:51
6. (I’ve Got A) Taste For Blood – 4:00
7. Our Love Is A Ghost – 5:21
8. The Needle Never Ends – 4:29